About Us

Established in 2017, the Breakaway Runners of Cebu - popularly known as Team BARC - is an independent, non-competitive, multi-outdoor sports, and a friendly-atmosphere running group founded by dedicated runners in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

Considered to be the first and only team in the running community of Cebu with a functional website (www.barckada.club) registered under a professional sports club category and is recognized by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Philippines License since 2018.

BARCkada.Club is an online community-based portal of team Breakaway Runners of Cebu designed to support interactions and share achievements of its members through social media. BARCkada© Club is the website brand, while BARC is the associated running team. This club is open to all fitness enthusiasts regardless where you from, what dialect you speak, an aspiring beginner, average runner, or an elite athlete.

All interested individuals are welcome to join and can be part of the team who wants to grow and better their best in the sports of running with the help of the group. So long as you fancy utilizing your pair of running shoes on any types of pavements, being active in general is a great deal to achieve together with a friend, a school/office-mate, or with a newly-found running buddy to test the human limits.

Whether you're into fun runs, half/full/ultra-marathons, trail runs, barkada-trekking, hiking, community out-reach programs, school organized events, and the like, you are definitely at the right place with the right company of people.

As our tagline says: "We Run, Bike, Trail. We Breakaway!", it’s not just about running after all. Our main course may be running but we also trek, bike, hike, conquer trails, climb mountains, and literally breakaway at the finish line or at the top of the peak with a grin on our faces. In short, we are not just a team, but a family not limited only to runners but out-going happy individuals who pursue the passion to run, have fun, and repeat!

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BARC Official Logo version 3.0

Our Core Values


[A] Always in motionACTION.

[R] Respect all, Reap ExcellenceRARE.

[C] Collaboration as oneCAMARADERIE.

Our Motto

"QUALITY over quantity"

Our Mission

Aims to form a family-bond of runners/hikers/athletes through a unique support-system, with active and positive members promoting healthy lifestyle and a fit well-being by loving their bodies, and together breakaway as one!

Our Vision

A dream-team of motivated individuals who have the same passion and interest in common outdoor sports in a non-competitive level but with sustainable goals upholding the team’s core values.

Our Story

It all started from a group chat involving of 5 friends - Iza, Rhonel, Rix, Michael and JC – who became the core members and currently the Administrators of the team.

barc story

Last 2017, Rix created a private chat with the participating friends for the upcoming Salomon xTrail run that year. Then days after that trail event, Iza pushed the creation of our own running team out of the blue exclusive only for the 5 of us, with no intension of expanding. Not until the later part of the year, we started inviting friends who have the same interest.

barc story

As any other groups, naming the team was a struggle. Days prior to the Cebu City Marathon 2018, Rhonel created a poll bearing the name 'breakaway runners' along with the suggested names for the team. Finally, the team had spoken - everybody voted for it!

Our common passion led to the creation of something promising - Team Breakaway Runners. Michael revised it to a more compelling name as "The Breakaway Runners" or BAR. Then the final version was agreed and emerged as Breakaway Runners of Cebu or Team BARC.

What's with the name? It’s simply the word 'breakaway' which we liked and highlights the branding of the team. As per Wikipedia, the word derives divergence or radical change from something established or long standing. Hence, it connotes the very objective of our members – to move or break away from the life stresses through running!

On February 14, 2018, the domain name barckada.club was acquired and registered by JC. The website was successfully launched, and the rest is history.

Say Hi to the Admins!

Here are the key people behind this awesome team. They don't just run at their own pace, but they manage to keep the group and this site 'running' as well.
Why? They just love running. It's a human thing! *wink-wink*


Webmaster / Marketing Coordinator

A support travel agent; a certified blogger; an ultramarathoner; a fitness advocate, a nature lover; & an entrepreneur.


Designer / Graphic Artist

 An aviation student; the owner of Bouquet Banquet, an artist, a keyboardist; nature enthusiast; & a trail-runner.


Accounting & Finance Coordinator

A sales travel agent; an elite trail-runner; a dedicated leader; ultramarathoner, & a barefoot runner.


Events / Race Director


Recruitment / LSD Coordinator

A sales travel agent; a social media influencer: Mr. 'Lakad Ninja'; an indie vlogger; an elite ultramarathoner / 100 miler; & a barefoot runner.

An HR specialist; a licensed criminologist, an airsoft player; a mountain climber; an ultramarathoner; & a barefoot runner.


Join the club and be part of us. Share your running experiences and breakaway!