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BIG Gorilla Challenge was a ‘Blast’ for BARCkadas

KaBARCs hit the monkey-bars once again at The BIG Gorilla Challenge.

You think you’re tough enough? Then for sure you have joined this year’s 2nd Gorilla endurance race after the success of last May’s event: Gorilla Boot Camp Obstacle Course Challenge. Just this Sept. 2, The Big Gorilla Challenge, a new training revolution and a level-up OCR experience took place once again at the Gorilla Boot Camp – Cebu’s first ever locally-organized Obstacle Course Race (OCR).

Held in Brgy. Latasan, Labogon, Mandaue City, Cebu, the booth camp stood as a five-hectare land with an upgraded facility composed of 23 grueling obstacle courses plus a 6-km run total distance. All these was successfully conquered by 3 of Team BARC members: Romel, Arthur, & Vin, with the support of co-kaBARCkadas Rix and Jeson. CONGRATS kaBARCkadas!


What is Gorilla Boot Camp?

Conceptualized in 2017, the Gorilla Boot Camp is an outdoor facility composed of several obstacles. It is Cebu’s newest and only open field boot camp that is pioneering in the field of OCR. It is also a good training facility for those elite racers who want to test their practical performance.

The Gorilla Boot Camp was opened to help anyone engage in obstacle races, and to help everyone, especially the children and youth, to be more active rather than be busy with their gadgets. The camp excites the sports and athletic communities to a whole new level, with the elements of adventure and fun brought by the OCR revolution and experience. – [ctto]

Here are some of the official photos during the BIG Gorilla Challenge event circulating over Facebook from one of the finisher:


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