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Cabalen Half Marathon: ‘The Revenge’ of AZ & James

Cabalen Half Marathon 2019 – “The Revenge” was a 3k / 5k / 10k / & 21k running events held on June 23, 2019, at the CDC Clark Pampanga. This event was hosted by the all-known events enthusiasts Smoke10 Events Management with proceeds to the benefit of HeartBeat of the Mission for the upcoming Medical, Dental and Surgical Mission around Pampanga Area.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the finishers! ~ Greetings from BARC

An Inspiring Tandem at the Cabalen Half Marathon

Nothing is sweeter in a victory-selfie at the finish line… like-mother like-son tandem with AZ & her son James, who are both newest addition of BARC family as they’ve finished strong!

James, who ran 5k category finished injury-free, proud and glad. He waited for her mommy AZ crossed the finish line for the 21k half-marathon category. Such a loving moment for both kaBARCkadas to finish the race no one left behind.

Kudos for both! Despite the distance of the race from your home place, you traveled far just to clinch those lovely medals and the plaque. You both are an inspiration to us for being together and accomplished your respective categories at the race. BARC family salutes your accomplishment and you deserve our claps and our taps at your backs when you come back here in Cebu!

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June 24th, 2019

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