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TAPP Trail Run 2019 Savored by Team BARC

TAPP Trail Run 2019 experience is every runners/campers haven and A-MUST bucket-list to all Vloggers and trail enthusiast around the world! It was indeed breathtaking to see the spectacular 360° views as we ‘breakaway-poise’ at the TAPP. – Team BARC

TAPP Trail Run 2019: The MOST ‘Instragrammable’ trail event was on its 2nd year!

Behold, the ever panoramic trail running challenge held at the marvels of Alicia, Bohol, Philippines. The Alicia Panoramic Park or TAPP Trail Run 2019 held last Feb. 24, 2019 is once again dubbed as the most ‘Instagrammable‘ trail event in the Visayas this year!

30k & 10k BARC runners before the gunstarts.

Location set on the most panoramic ridges found in the vicinity of The Farm at Alicia – newest tourism site located in Brgy. Cambaol, Municipality of Alicia, Bohol (some 106 kilometers from Tagbilaran City) opened its trails to endurance trail runners since February 2018. It also showcased some magnificent views of the towns of Mabini, Candijay, Alicia, Ubay, Talibon and Carlos P. Garcia plus the Bohol Sea.

What it feels like at the TAPP

Last year’s race experience was memorable, this year is an epic! Before, the organizers tested the runners endurance through 5k and 21k race categories. Now, they leveled-up the event in to a more intense but worth-it 30k and 10k distances.

Ka-BARCs Rhonel, Rix, Jezrel, JC, along with our first-timers Ramon, Rema, & Michael joined the pack among the 600+ participants who traversed the run-hike-climb hills of Alicia.  They were few of the bravest runners who set foot on the single track trails obscured by fog through a visible sea of clouds, a gradual to 45° ascents, off-road rolling-hills.

Special mention to the mighty 30k BARC finishers Rhonel who clocked the fastest at sub-5 among the members; to Rix aka Mr. Lakad Ninja and his subordinates namely Ramon the Pirate Ninja, and our guest runner Jewel as the Kikay Ninja. They all pounded the path along the loamy to rocky mud, death defying river-crossing over bamboo bridges, jumping maneuvers between cliffs, natural obstacles like tree roots, rocks and some steep descents but technically uphill and downhill trails under the over-whelming heat of the sun.

All runners went past the 400 meters above sea level with gradual cool winds up and down the hills and back to The Farm. This lasted after five to seven hours of grueling running but breathtaking trail cruise.


⚠The MOST ‘steep’! ⛰⛰⛰
♨The MOST ‘heat’! 🔆🔆🔆
📷The MOST ‘instagrammable’ 🌄🌄🌄
💯The MOST 360° panoramic trail everrrr!!!

Thank you Aliciahanons for the warm accommodation with love and unforgettable experience! Truly it proves such beauty of your natural Godly gifts, signifies the inner beauty of every locals in such a lovely town.  🙏🙏🙏
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March 4th, 2019

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