Breakaway Runners Club aka 'BARC'

Established in 2017, BARC or Team BARC is an independent, non-profit, private organization of advocate-athletes which functions as a multi-sports team founded by dedicated and passionate runners in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

BARC is composed of diverse runners of different fitness levels, age groups, gender, and culture who are also into different fun outdoor adventures like trail races, group hikes/treks, major climbs, dua/triathlons, fitness boot camps, OCRs, and the like.

Although our core is more into running, BARC is a family of support volunteers not just limited to runners but generally for all multi-sports athletes who have the heart and dedication to make a difference in the community through supporting an advocacy. BARC is a group of advocates who share positivity through social media patronizing common passion and interest while learning and growing with a team.

Currently, the team has 30 active members (globally) and is maxed up to 50 official members only to keep the quality of it’s line-up (including leaders/officers). The group is formed and strengthened through the foundations which the entire body is aligned with: advocacy, vision, mission, motto, and core values.

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BARC Official Logo version 3.0

Our Advocacy

As athletes, we dedicate ourselves to help promote rational and cost-efficient solutions in coping up with some of the issues our community is facing by virtue of sportsmanship, volunteerism, social-responsibility awareness, environmental protection and conservation in the fields of sports through our BARC-GRP (Green Race Project).

Our Mission

Aims to form a family-bond of both athletes and advocates through a unique support-system, with active and positive members promoting healthy lifestyle and a fit well-being by loving their bodies, and together breakaway as one!

Our Vision

A dream-team of motivated individuals who support each other, sharing the same passion and interests with sustainable goals in place upholding volunteerism and the team’s core values.

Our Motto

"QUALITY over quantity"

Our Core Values

[B] BREAKTHROUGH a better version.

[A] ACTION before words.

[R] RESPECT equality over pride.


What's with the name?

It is simply the word 'breakaway' which really got our inspiration behind the name. We feel the emotional value of the word and its deep meaning.

As per Wikipedia, the term breakaway derives divergence or radical change from something established or long standing. Hence, it connotes the very objective of our members – to move or break away from the life stresses through running and other forms of activities in the field of outdoor sports!

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Our Story

It all started from a small group chat of 5 friends namely: Iza, Rhonel, Rix, Michael and JC – who are the founders of the team.

In October 2017, Rix created a private GC in preparation for our Salomon X Trail Run Cebu Leg 2017.

barc story

Days after that successful event, Iza then pushed the formation of our own running team out-of-the-blue. Supposedly exclusive for the 5 of us with no intention of expanding. Until later part of that year, some of our friends who have the same passion requested to be part of the group who committed to the team from being solo-runners.

Like in any newbie groups, naming the team was a bit of a struggle. Not to mention those funny moments where we brainstorm some creepy names just to come up with a compelling one.

Days before the Cebu City Marathon 2018 in January, Rhonel created a poll bearing the name 'breakaway runners' along with the other suggested names we came up with.

barc story


Finally, the group had spoken - everybody voted for the best one which stood-out. Our common passion led to the creation of something promising: Team Breakaway Runners.

Then Michael revised it to a more compelling name as "The Breakaway Runners" or BAR. Then another version emerged as Breakaway Runners of Cebu aka BARC as a growing solid dream-team, and the rest is history.

Until May 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was rebranded with the same abbreviation as BARC but with a slight tweak. The previously known Breakaway Runners of Cebu was then revised to 'Breakaway Runners Club'.

Main reason is to shift and expand its advocacy nationwide, allowing potential members to join outside Cebu (yeah why not?). This change is also part of the team’s transition to the so-called ‘new normal’ lifestyle to cope up with the new norms and standards in the running industry mandated by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).